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Introducing Our "Yorokobu Beef" Menu! | Shabu Yorokobu | Ekkamai 12 Bangkok | Premium Shabu

Attention beef lovers! Dive into a culinary journey that celebrates the richness and versatility of beef in our "Yorokobu Beef"menu. From Thai to Japanese A5 Wagyu , every Beef is a testament to our passion for premium quality beef.

A5 Saga Wagyu: The Pinnacle of Fine Dining

🍜 Broths: Choose from our diverse range of beef-infused broths, including the classic Sukiyaki, the subtle Dashi, or the spicy Mala, each elevating the flavors of the beef slices you'll swish.

🍽️ Main Course: Experience the star of the show with a variety of beef cuts, each cooked to perfection. Whether you prefer the marbled richness of Wagyu , there's something to satisfy every beef aficionado.

🍲 Accompaniments: Complement your beef with a range of sides, from fresh vegetables to dip in the broth, to rice and noodle dishes that perfectly pair with the meat's flavors.

🍨 Dessert: While our focus is on beef, we haven't forgotten about the sweet ending. Enjoy a selection of desserts that provide a refreshing counterpoint to the savory richness of the meal.

🍷 Beverage Pairings: Enhance your dining experience with our recommended wine and beverage pairings, specially curated to complement the beef's flavors.

Join us at Shabu Yorokobu and indulge in a beefy extravaganza like no other. Our "Yorokobu Beef" menu is a limited-time offering, so make your reservations today and savor the best of what beef has to offer!

Shabu Yorokobu Another ...

🐖 Kurobuta: The Black-Haired Delight Venture beyond beef and discover the rich, succulent flavors of Kurobuta, or black-haired pork. Revered for its marbling and tender meat, it's a must-try for every meat lover.

🍣 Sushi & Sashimi: A Seafood Symphony Dive into the ocean's bounty with our array of sushi and sashimi. Freshly sourced and expertly crafted, each piece promises a burst of the sea's essence.

🎶 Saturday Night Live Elevate your dining experience with live band performances every Saturday. Let the rhythm complement your meal, turning your dinner into an unforgettable evening.

Home Make Soup Broth
Yorokobu Beef

Why Choose Shabu Yorokobu ?

  1. Authenticity: Our dishes are crafted with traditional techniques, ensuring an authentic taste in every bite.

  2. Ambiance: Our interiors are designed to offer a serene dining environment, complementing the richness of our menu.

  3. Expertise: Our chefs, trained in the art of Japanese cuisine, bring decades of experience to your plate.

Join Us for a Memorable Experience

Whether it's a special occasion, a casual dinner, or a culinary adventure you seek, Shabu Yorokobu promises an experience like no other. Book your table today and embark on a journey of flavors.

เปิดให้บริการแล้ววันนี้ที่ สาขา เอกมัย 12

Ekkamai 12 Bangkok


🕰️12:00 - 04:00



📱Tel : 090-888-2166 ( Answer 11:30am - 02:00am )

🟩Line : @shabuyorokobu

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